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One of Jillian’s favorite quotes is from Audrey Hepburn - “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.” This encapsulates her tireless work ethic and optimistic mindset.

Jillian was born and raised in the Southeast of London. A little over 10 years ago she decided to leave behind all she’d ever known and on her own, set off for the United States. Over these past 10 years, fraught with many adventures, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology from George Mason, traveled all over the U.S., married her best friend and grew her family by 3 boys and two dogs.

Beyond her direct experience in the Real Estate industry, Jillian has worked in New Home Sales and also led sales for a Real Estate Transaction coordinating company as VP of Business Development. At One Harbor Homes, Jillian leverages her customer service skills, knowledge of Real Estate and the combined experience of our team to provide the best possible experience during this incredibly important process for our customers.

Jillian has a passion for being outside and on the move. She’s actually quite obsessed with getting in her 14,000+ steps a day. Needless to say, she’s an avid walker! If you live in the Broadlands or Ashburn, there’s a strong possibility you’ve seen her out walking her dogs, Snoopy & Buddy. When she’s not helping her clients find their next home, she can usually be found on the sidelines or in stands of one of the boys American Football, Lacrosse or Basketball games.